2012 PUMA SOCIAL 手足球巡迴賽 Foosball Tour - 第8站高雄 (Apr/28 Saturday)

2012 PUMA SOCIAL 手足球巡迴賽 Foosball Tour - 第8站 高雄站將在耶魯小鎮進行!!
抽隊友雙打任何人皆可參加, 請盡早報名按照報名順序決定可否參賽. 如最後報名選手為奇數 (ex: 共17名選手報名), 最晚報名的選手除非有額外現場報名選手報名, 否則最後一名報名選手不可參賽.

2012 PUMA SOCIAL Foosball Tour, 8th stop is at Kaohsiung's Yaletown Bistro!
Draw Your Partner Doubles. Please register earlier, if you are the last one to register and order is odd. Then you might not have chance to play DYP Doubles unless another player registers.

內含新手教學報名表 Register to foosball workshop form is included (滿三人報名開課)
報名後請務必出席比賽&新手教學營. 如報名後無故未到現場, 累積兩次者, 未來大會可不接受事先報名, 如不克出席, 請提前通知大會.
Please attend match & workshop if you have registered. If you don't show up twice throughout the entire tour, we have right to cancel your future registration. If you can't attend, please inform us earlier.
  • 日期 Date: 
    2012年4月28日 / Apr 28, 2012

  • 時間 Time: 
    2:30pm - 新手訓練營 (滿三人開課, 請事先報名) Foosball Workshop (must to have 3 players registered, or else it will be cancelled)
    3:00pm - 報到 & 現場報名 (現場報名的TFA會員不給予報名費折扣) Register & pay registration fees. (TFA members who do not pre-register will not receive a discount)
    3:30pm - 比賽開始 Draw partners and begin tournament

  • 地點 Location:
    耶魯小鎮 Yaletown Bistro
    No.26-3, Xinguang Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City

  • 報名費 Registration fee:
  • 新手訓練營 Foosball Workshop - 免費 Free (請事先報名 / Please pre-register)
    手足球巡迴賽 TFA Foosball Tour  - $200 / 每人each (事先報名的TFA會員享有7折折扣 / Pre-registered TFA members receive 30% discount)

  • 比賽制度 Format:
    雙敗淘汰賽, 勝部3戰2勝, 每戰5球制. 冠軍戰第3戰需淨勝2分, 最多到8分 (搶八)
    Double K.O., Winner bracket format is best of 3. 5 points per game. In Championship match, the third game need to win by two (max. 8 points)
    敗部一場7分 Loser bracket is one game 7 points. No win by two.

  • 聯絡人 Contact: 
    柯方堯 Kevin Ko 
    電話 Phone: 0938-974956
    信箱Email: hightimesports@gmail.com

第8站高雄站 - 2012 PUMA SOCIAL 手足球巡迴賽 PUMA SOCIAL Foosball Tour Apr/28