Hangout Bar 很好酒吧 (回到上一層全台地點)

The Hang Out, which over the past ten years has been one of Tainan's most popular pub, has changed owners,but not style. The friendly atmosphere, good Western food,and reasonable prices that made the Hang Out a success in the first place are still very much in evidence. 
    We offering dinner and drink specials, a pool table, a dart board, free WiFi, wish our customer can feel relax in Hangout.
      The Hangout在台南已擁有多年歷史,一直是台南最受歡迎的Bar之一.雖然經歷多位老闆的經營,但強烈的美式風格一直沒改變.舒服的環境,道地的美式餐點,以及合理的價位使Hangout一直受顧客歡迎,我們提供美味餐點及各式啤酒和調酒,並有撞球及飛鑣及無線上網供顧客使用,希望來這邊消費的顧客能享受難得的輕鬆時光.