2010 Bart O'Hearn 紀念賽 Bart O'Hearn Celebration

Bart O'Hearn紀念賽一直是美國手足球巡迴賽中一項偉大的賽事, 2010年第一次由Inside Foos 製作團隊全程錄影轉播. 也是首次使用Fireball手足球桌進行巡迴賽. 這套精彩的光碟, 記錄了德州奧斯丁於2010年10月1-3日舉辦的賽事, 包含三屆的冠軍Tony Spredeman 以及頂尖的職業大師Robert Mares, Tracy McMillin, Brandon Moreland等人. 還有手足球迷必須擁有的 "Tony Spredeman教你如何在Fireball手足球桌上打出精采好球".

Considered one of the great events on the American foosball tour, the Bart O'Hearn Celebration was covered this year by Inside Foos Productions for the first time ever and also played for the first time on the Fireball table. This exciting DVD set, recorded this past October 1-3 in Austin, Texas, features a standout, 3-event-winning performance from Tony Spredeman along with appearances from top Pro Master players Robert Mares, Tracy McMillin, Brandon Moreland and others. A must-have for all foosball fans who want to see Tony Spredeman give a clinic on how to play on the Fireball table.