2010 ITSF 世界盃手足球賽 World Cup Of Table Soccer

此套光碟包含ITSF手足球世界杯以及世界冠軍賽, 2010年1月於法國的Nantes舉辦. 在此套光碟中包含Ryan Moore, Rob Atha以及偉大的比利時選手Frederic Collignon在單打&雙打中的表現. 手足球世界杯則收入英國, 德國, 奧地利, 丹麥以及荷蘭等國家的世界盃爭霸戰. 注意: 由於ITSF & EuroSport電視台衛星轉播授權的關係, 手足球世界盃中的國家對抗無法收錄半準決賽以及決賽後的賽事.

This DVD set includes preliminary action from both the ITSF World Cup and World Championships, held this past January in France. You'll see performances from World Champion Ryan Moore, Rob Atha and the great Frederic Collignon in Singles and Doubles play, along with World Cup action featuring teams from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands. NOTE: Due to a decision made by the ITSF and EuroSport TV, Inside Foos Productions was not allowed to record Semifinal or Final matches from the World Cup team competition.